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Soulless - Gail Carriger, Gail Carriger

To be honest, I think the problem is me and not Soulless. I really wanted to like it, dearly desired to find some pure & silly escapism beneath its great cover, but a few chapters in I was grouchy and sour and stayed that way through the remaining stubborn slog. It just leans far too much on the romance side of things for my taste, and that's a genre I've got no patience for--even the paranormal elements seemed like contrivances to get Heroine Alexia and her (of course!) ravishingly sexy werewolf Scot (who gets to growl a lot in brogue, of course)in compromising positions at every possible moment, including when they are imprisoned by their enemies and about to be killed!! arrgh. The 'comedy of manners' aspect just seemed a flimsy replacement for actual character development and plot. As if charming drivel about scones and parasols would distract me! Verdict: painfully shallow, with nothing redeeming lying beneath.