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Case Histories

Case Histories - Kate Atkinson

What I learned: Apparently, I now read any book that's been blurbed by Stephen King. And I hardly ever like his books. Huh. My review: I recommend this book to people all of the time at the bookstore where I work and it's usually responded to positively. It's an intriguing mystery that doesn't feel stupid. Wouldn't you buy a book from me on a glowing recommendation like that?*edit* In retrospect I like this book more and more. It's a smart mystery amidst a sea of dull and formulaic bestsellers, transcending the genre to become something truly memorable as a book and not just a throwaway bathtub puzzle (I mostly read mysteries in the bath and the two are forever entwined for me). The intertwining case histories meld together perfectly to create an utterly satisfying ending. It's been a year and countless people have bought it on my word and not a one has complained--it's a winner, for sure.