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Timbuktu - Paul Auster

I've been noticing an awful lot of books narrated by dogs lately--have been recommended a few and have politely demurred. I hate feeling emotionally manipulated and tend to avoid books that are intentional tearjerkers, which most animal stories are. Happily, this book, which chronicles the life and memories of one canine Mr. Bones (literary reference alert!) after his homeless master is lost. Auster is, I think, the type of author who tends to just collapse under the weight of his ideas; this is one of his few that has held up to the end. It's funny, and sad--& yet somehow managed to avoid the pitfalls of sentimentality that tend to pepper animal stories. I liked Mr. Bones' voice best & very much. Though he sometimes tended to the overly literary and destroyed the conceit, Mr. Bones on the whole was perfectly baffled and always doggy; when he was wise (which he was) it did not feel forced.