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Fevre Dream

Fevre Dream - George R.R. Martin

The vampires retain their proper deadly/vulnerable dichotomy! Hurrah!- But Martin does nothing new with them to keep it all from being extremely familiar territory. Steamboats! I know nothing about steamboats and am automatically interested in the historical setting!- If only there were much, much more steamboat history and river-town culture. "Ohmygod a twist I didn't see coming oh yay I love Martin *kisses book*"- "Huh. That didn't last long." George R. R. Martin = automatically > most fantasy authors, particularly the vampiric ones- But it's so short. Such a very slim Martin. Like the first chapter of one of his usual tomes. There could (and, it feels, should) be so much more. Conclusion: it's like Martin read an Anne Rice book and said to himself, "Hmm, this is sort of intriguing, what with the vampires taking refuge in bayous. I bet I could do better!" And then he did--but got bored or distracted and decided to just end it any old place, thus creating a tantalizing glimmer of relatively awesome possibilities that really didn't materialize in the book.