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Dreadnought - Cherie Priest

Vastly inferior to Boneshaker. I was bothered, more in this book than the other, by the historical revisions of this world--the lengthened American Civil War, changing its motives from a war over slavery, doesn't sit quite right with me: it's fantasy, I know, but it treads the line of diminishing the cultural and historical import of the real event. This issue aside, Dreadnought was simply a poorer book: where Boneshaker was rollicking, with a well-drawn, engaging setting, Dreadnought was clunky and anonymous. Weak characters combined with absolutely no sense of place--they're traveling through the whole of 19th century America and there's nary an interesting instance of setting description, not even on the weird train that the book takes place!--weakened my interest almost to nonexistence. I found it incomprehensible, episodic, and rather dull: a slog rather than a romp. I doubt I'll pick up any further entries in the series.